Welcome to Yoga Unlimited 

What's important to you...

   Having energy to love well and be at ease?

    Creating a life that is aligned with your heart's desire?

    Living fully and on purpose? 


With group classes, one-on-one mentoring programs, workshops and retreats, Yoga Unlimited is here for you to thrive!

Benefits to experience 

Physical healing


 Emotional regulation

 High levels of well-being   


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I look forward to seeing you.  - Bonnie Showalter,  Director

"Bonnie Showalter has my highest recommendation as a yoga teacher. She began studying yoga at Kripalu in the 1980's when I was teaching the staff how to integrate Gestalt theory into yoga. She utilizes a holistic approach with each student, being mindful of their body, heart, soul, and mind. She brings vast experience, dedication, a loving compassionate heart, and expertise to her work. If you choose Bonnie as a teacher, you will be in safe, blessed hands."

-Mariah Fenton Gladis Founder/Director of the Pennsylvania Gestalt Center for Psychotherapy





Summer session - July 10 - August 31

Restorative Yoga and Meditation Retreat

      Sunday, August 20th
1:30-3:30 pm



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